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Types of Cerebral Palsy - Spastic,Athetoid,Mixed
Cerebral palsy is a broad term that encompasses many different disorders of movement and posture.Children with this type of cerebral palsy have one or more tight muscle groups which limit movement. Children with "spastic" cerebral palsy have stiff and jerky movements."Athetoid" cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the cerebellum or basal ganglia. "Mixed Cerebral" these children have both the tig
Mazlen Medical Arts, PC
Roger Mazlen, MD dedicates his practice to providing individual care for fatigue and sleep disorders. For over 20 years, he has successfully integrated conventional medical practices with complimentary and innovative alternative medicine. Call our offices or visit our website to schedule a consultation today. Mention this and receive 10% off your first office visit.
Epilepsy Society
Epilepsy Society is the UK's leading medical charity for epilepsy, providing information and resources for people affected by epilepsy.
Augmentative Alternative Communication Devices
Obrien technologies, leading provider of speech communication devices and augmentative communication devices. Get wide variety of augmentative alternative communication systems online at
Aquatic Therapy & Hydrotherapy
Therapyworld supplies aquatic therapy and hydrotherapy equipment, buoyancy aids for the disabled, dermatology and hyperhidrosis treatment and neurological rehabilitation equipment such as inflatable air splints to private individuals and NHS hospitals throughout the UK.

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