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i try to answer different questions i see here and there about Computer, IT, programming and all subject, i am familer with it. questions i catch in different page like Yahoo Answers and others. like different Forums like Digital point and more

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Here is a list of answers to different question , i hope be useful for reader.

Please Write Good Programming Forums? Please Write Good Programming Forums..

A : some of programming forums is special for only one language and some other are multi language forums try for example

How to insert background music, using html codes?
anybody please guide me how to play a background music in a html file...

A : You can use BGSOUND to play background music
and you use it in the html code like this
<bgsound src="write address of sound file">
BGSOUND tag have different attributes like :
BALANCE = Number
LOOP = Number
VOLUNE = Number
<BGSOUND src="example.mp3" BALANCE="2" LOOP="0" VOLUME="50">

Using the img html code, what is the best way to max out the width and height? I know when I add width = "400" it will automatically adjust the height proportionally and vice versa, but how do I create a maximum width and height?

A : Using the img html code, what is the best way to max out the width and height? I know when I add width = "400" it will automatically adjust the height proportionally and vice versa, but how do I create a maximum width and height?
for check it out try an image and add "width=10000" and se the result.
How hard is it to learn computer coding languages (eg HTML, C++, JavaScript)?
So how long would it take me to learn coding language such as C++ or JavaScript if I spent about 3 hours a week learning?

A : That's depend of your interest, with one month(means 4x3=12 times) is enough to learn how you kan start to write start code and some very simple functions. and its a good start to go further and exercise your self with work more. that's also depend of what is your future plan about programming, if you want to be expert, you never be free to learn. html is only about 100 tags and some attributes.javascript is more complex and take more time to control it. C++ is desktop programming and take the same as Javascript. realy you can never be free to learn
What is the coding for connecting Classic ASP and JQuery for both the HTML and the ASP pages?

A : i used this script and work fine
but if you want to use it see last version of that. and must be in the HEAD section of html page.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
HTML code - Favicon, Help!?

A : i use this code and it works:
this code should be in n the HEAD section of html page.
<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/ico" href="favicon.ico" />
How do I put an image onto a web page using html?
I have a file saved on my computer under the following address: Z:\sophomore\ICS\Image 2.jpg and I would like to put that image onto my website using putty. I know that the image tag is <img src="value />, but when I do that it does not seem to work. I am wondering what I would have to make the tag in order for the image to successfully show on my web page? Thank you very much.

A : z:/ this show that image is in the drev name z that is not a web server but network server you can se it in the intranet but not internet but you can copy image in your internet server and som directory then if you have a server address name e.g then you can write <img src="\ICS\Image 2.jpg" ALT="this is a text for alternative">
Where's a good place to start a blog?

A : i think blog is better because its free, and you try and make many blogs , if you want. you canalso make mony with your blog with this question and answer blog. i recommend or
How can i give download book link on my website ? any one tell me about that softwaer where i can upload book on my website and i can give link for download that book on website

A : A book is a file or may be a collect of files that work together, a soft ware that you can send your book to your site server is FTP (File transfer protocol).a good free FTP software name is "FTP Cpmmander" it is a software for both Uoloading and Downloadin. after you have write url of your book in your page. everyone that click that link , open or download that book
How can I get my submit button in HTML to actually submit information to my email?
I am writing a webpage in HTML for a tech project and I have a submit button that i would like to send the information to my email. When you enter the info and click submit I have it set to a new page but the info doesnt go anywhere...

A : you can not do it with only HTML codes , because when you click Submit button info that is collected must be transfer to your email address, and there is some software that do it , men all of these kind of component work dynamic . this means you MUST use PHP or ASP or some thing like that. One of this kind software is :JMail that i use with asp.

Dim info, msg
set msg = Server.CreateOBject( "JMail.Message" )
msg.ContentType = "text/html"
msg.AddRecipient Your-EMail-Address
msg.Subject = strSubject
msg.Body = Info
msg.Send( "your smtp url" )

What is the code for a vertical line in html?
I know the code to make a horizontal line, but how do you make a vertical line?

A : There is not such html tag,but you can make it. for example
<hr width="2" style="height:400;"/>

How do you hide a url link with html?

A : vi shall do something that link be hidden
  1. with cursor and text-decoration be the same as normal text
    <a href="" style="text-decoration:none;cursor:default;">example text</a>
  2. color of linktext be the same as page background-color
    if background-color is bg then with css vi can write:
    A:link {text-decoration:none;background:none transparent scroll repeat 0% 0%;cursor:default;COLOR:bg;}
    A:active {text-decoration:none;background:none transparent scroll repeat 0% 0%;cursor:default;COLOR:bg;}
    A:visited {text-decoration:none;background:none transparent scroll repeat 0% 0%;cursor:default;COLOR:bg;}
    A:hover {text-decoration:none;background:none transparent scroll repeat 0% 0%;cursor:default;color:bg;}
  3. what if size of font of linktext be zero i.e.
    <a href="" style="text-decoration:none;cursor:default;font-size:0;">example text</a>
    i know with google adsense do not like these metods, but these metods make the link hidden

Is it possible to make a chat application without using the application state and database.?

A : instead of database and tables you can use Dynamic array(with arbitrary length of array) , start with most simple application.
one dynamic array for users
one dynamic array for conversations
most simple records are :
user record is : user name , password
conversation record is the user, text

if you use ASP , you can use Dictionery object instead of Daynamic Array. You can also combine Dictionery object with Session variable of type dictionery(or application variable).

Is it possible to redirect an old URL with a new URL, even though old URL is dead?

A : old url has a meta refresh tag in form of <META http-equiv="refresh" content="10; URL=New URL"> this means that after 10 se New URL loaded instead of OLD URL. Second part of question is what if OLD URL is dead, then nothing will happend.
Can anybody help me find out the web address that this comes from?
What is WMPFriendly=true&Partner mean in relation to web addresses

A : this is that URL's%20Bay%20Computer%20Inc.&locale=409&version=
That address is Windows Media Player and can check it here:
I really need help with blogging?!?
Ok, so I'm looking at a blog I want mine to be like and some other ones too, I have seen very popular people using wordpress, blogspot, and some others, but every time I try to ad a banner, it says it has illegal chacters! I need help A.S.A.P!

A : you shall se word press on the
or blogspot on address
and REGISTER a weblog for your self and after that you write your first post on that blog and then you can
make a Banner you want in that post

How do I insert background images in specific locations using CSS? (Example included)?

A : Try This one :

body {background-image:url(image2.gif);background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:center;background-attachment:fixed;
Hello World! </body>
How to prevent XSS in comment/guestbook? I have a comment box , if i filter the input in such a way that '<' symbol is converted to < i.e the HTML entity of lesser than symbol, then XSS is prevented right? Or is there any way to bypass this?

A : i use vbscript : Function IsValidText(tex)
Dim bIsValid, ch
bIsValid = True
If InStr(1, tex, "<", 0) <> 0 Then
bIsValid = False
If InStr(1,tex, ">", 0) <> 0 Then
bIsValid = False
If InStr(1,tex, "|", 0) <> 0 Then
bIsValid = False
If InStr(1,tex, "[", 0) <> 0 Then
bIsValid = False
If InStr(1,tex, "]", 0) <> 0 Then
bIsValid = False
If InStr(1,tex, "%", 0) <> 0 Then
bIsValid = False
End If End If End If End If End If End If
IsValidText = bIsValid
End Function
now you can call this function in OnSubmit in the form or onclick in that button to send you that comment. this function check character that user write shall not be in "<>=//\&;" character like < can not be write because "&" and ";"is also in the list and checked

How to create my own website for helping people?

A : i think , in the start phase make a weblog and try with that, if you want try weblog ,
- you can try with or
- make a good name that explain kind of help is very important.

I want some help with Radio Buttons in HTML?

A : you can make a form with selection between buy and girl, you can do it with Radio button or selection list or CheckBox.
<form NAME="aFrm" ACTION="AddGen.asp" method="POST" >
<label for="genstxt">Please select buy or girl</label>
<input TYPE="radio" name="genRad" Value="Buy" onclick="submit()">
<input TYPE="radio" name="genRad" Value="Girl" onclick="submit()">
and you can use selection list insted of radio button in the form of :
<form NAME="aFrm" ACTION="AddGen.asp" method="POST" >
<label for="genstxt">Please select buy or girl>
<select name="genstxt" SIZE="1">
<option value=false onclick="submit()" >Buy
<option value=true onclick="submit()">Girl
when user select one of them then new page ,this means AddGen.asp become active and use that Data and if you want Data be save you need to learn more about Database and Dynamic Language like asp or PHP, HTML is not enough for this porpose.

Which of these programming books is the best for a complete begineer?

A : you want to learn a language for use it, JAVA is a good Language because java is not depend of widows or others, that's work in every system.but if you want to use C++ then i recommend C or C# insted of but with C family language you can only programs for windows and not other.

Split screen for websites?
Is it possible to make a split screen of two websites, either vertical or horizontal? I can do a split screen with MS Word but how is it done for websites? Thank you.

A : you can do it with : for example: <html>
<frameset cols="25%,75%">
<frame src="a.htm" >
<frame src="b.htm" >
Can you really make money from a .webs website?
Are you allowed to put your own advertising through adsense or similar affiliate programs, or do they just put some advertising in your website just for their revenue, that is you're not getting anything from it?

A : yes i make money from for example Adsense Ads from Google and when people click that ads or se or visit that page with that Ads , I take money, and when i make about 100$ or more , they put it to my bank account or send me a check , that is it. in this case your website or blog have to have good traffic , to make more money.
you can use another Ads from others like: Adbrite or ClickBank or yahoo or other.